The strength requirements for tile grout on the ground must have high bonding strength and wear resistance. Accommodates the deformation between large-size bricks and stones, thus prolonging the service life of facing bricks.

The formulation of floor tile grout should use different types of products according to different environments and occasions. Using multiple jointing agents to replace all tile jointing agents in different settings and circumstances will often cause quality problems.

Gypsum board caulking powder

Among various lightweight building materials, light steel keel and paper-faced gypsum board are often used as partition walls or ceilings and are widely used in multiple construction projects because of their low cost, good fire resistance, and easy construction.

Gypsum board walls and ceilings are the same as traditional materials. However, cracks may appear in different degrees during use, especially in suspended ceilings. There are many reasons for cracking. The main reasons are inappropriate joint filling agents, joint tape, and improper construction.

(1) Product characteristics

1) Good compatibility with plaster wall and ceiling joints, high joint strength;

2) High tensile strength, good shear resistance, high bending, and breaking load;

3) No cracking, easy construction

(2) Scope of application

Gypsum board caulking powder is suitable for building walls, ceilings, and civil, industrial, and office partitions.

Lightweight concrete slab caulking powder

Lightweight concrete slabs have been widely used in many projects as partitions of commercial and factory large bays. Cracking at the joints between panels is a common problem. As with plasterboard wall joints, tensile and shear stresses are the leading causes of cracking. The volume and quality of lightweight concrete slabs are more prominent than plasterboard, so the tensile and shear stress requirements are higher. Due to the difference in material and mechanical properties from gypsum boards, the caulking of lightweight concrete slabs must first solve the compatibility problem between lightweight concrete slabs and caulking materials. Give full play to the physical properties of the dry-mixed powder in the lightweight concrete slab caulking agent and improve the strength of the caulking agent. And it is reinforced by compounding anti-cracking fiber, which can avoid seam cracking to the greatest extent.

(1) Product characteristics

1) High tensile strength, primarily transverse tensile strength;

2) High fracture resistance;

3) Good compatibility with lightweight concrete materials and good alkali resistance;

4) No cracking, high mechanical properties, and stable quality;

5)Quick and easy construction

(2) Scope of application

Lightweight concrete slab caulking powder suits various commercial, factory, workshop, and office partitions and structures of light composite stress systems.