Vitchem is a company specializing in the production of additives, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany.
We have been focused and experienced in the dry-mixed mortar, concrete additives, paint, the etc field for over 10 years.
Our company is committed to the unique needs and demands of customers by developing and delivering high-quality products which are specifically tailored to their requirements.
We supply not only high quality products but also professional technical Knowledge support. with our one-stop-shop full servers, our customers save time and create more value.

* Vitchem provide a wide range of high-level expertise services to help our customers.
* localised warehousing —-deliver products to customers in a fast and efficient way.
* Vitchem provide Customised solutions tailored to each customer’s specific needs. our customers can rely and trust on us.

Vitchem has a professional laboratory with more than 5 qualified Technician. All our Technicians have more than 10 years experience with dry-mixed mortar and paint. extensively of experience and knowledge can develop and provide high-quality/performance products tailored to the specific customers needs. By investing in professional testing equipment and talents, Vitchem can ensure that our products are stable and consistently high quality. That helped us to win and enhance the trust of customers.

Our products are environmentally responsible. Environmental stewardship is important to us.
Vitchem always try to recommend and promote the most safe and environmentally friendly product solutions. We strive to minimise our environmental impact and Sustainability is a core value for us.
Let’s work together to create an environmentally-friendly home.