Color dry powder coating is architectural with excellent performance, high quality, and low price. In addition, it has the advantages of a beautiful decorative effect, moderate price, easy production, and convenient transportation.

(1)Product Features

1) Water can be added on-site by spraying or rolling.

2) Good decorative effect, not easy to age, good weather resistance, firm and long-lasting color, good UV resistance.

3) High quality and low price, low transportation cost.

4) It has a superior binding force with various inorganic bottom materials.

5) The paint film is flexible and challenging to crack.

6) Good hydrophobic nature can prevent the erosion of alkali and acidic salts.

7) Good hiding power.

(2)Range of application

Color dry powder coating is suitable for painting industrial and civil buildings’ interior and exterior walls, gypsum boards, GRC boards, and lightweight concrete wallboards.

(3) Construction technology

Color dry powder paint is usually packaged in 20kg powder bags. When using it, first add about 14kg of water into a clean container. Next, slowly pour the dry powder into it, beat it into a thick uniform shape with an electric mixer, let it stand for 3 to 5 minutes, and then continue to stir until it becomes smooth, glossy, and non-agglomerated, and it can be applied.The construction of colored dry powder coatings can be done by spraying and rolling, and brushing is not suitable, and the usual dosage is 2m2/kg.

(4) Technical description

Color dry powder coatings do not have high base surface requirements, but they need to be smooth and solid.

When constructing the base surface of the exterior wall, it should take special care that it must be able to scrape the putty smoothly. Because of the high surface tension of the smooth putty, the bonding force with the paint is poor, which can easily cause the paint to crack and fall off. As a result, the putty after calendering is slightly rougher than the putty without calendering, and the putty is easy to crack. Therefore, the external wall putty only needs to be leveled, and the smoothness needs to be higher, and it does not affect the hiding power, construction, and appearance.

The dry powder coating is a thick paste coating; no primer is needed, the pH value is similar to the base surface, and the material compatibility is good, so it is suitable for painting buildings under various environmental and climatic conditions.

The amount of water added to dry powder coatings needs to be strictly controlled. Under the same temperature conditions, once the amount of water added is determined, the amount added to each bag of dry powder must be consistent. It is not allowed to add water during construction and change the consistency to increase the coating area. This requirement for Large-area construction is essential; otherwise, it will cause a large area of color difference and reduce the strength of the surface layer.

Colored cement dry powder coating

Colored cement dry powder coatings are inorganic, mainly using natural ore or metal oxide materials with abundant reserves as raw materials, including cement, quartz sand, limestone, Heavy Calcium Carbonate, wollastonite, and ash calcium. Because the raw materials come from nature, the resources are abundant. Compared with organic coatings, the production process of inorganic coatings causes less pollution to the environment and has low production energy consumption. It also has heat resistance, mildew resistance, crack resistance, and flame retardancy. At the same time, the aging resistance of inorganic coatings is also the most organic coatings that are hard to compare.

(1) Product Features

1) The hardness of the coating film is high, the wear resistance is good, and there will be no phenomenon of high temperature sticking back;

2) Excellent color retention;

3) Good impermeability, good alkali resistance, and acid resistance;

4) Good mildew resistance; the inorganic base material does not contain mold and microbial nutrients;

5) Flame retardant, high-temperature resistance;

6) Good weather resistance and aging resistance;

7) Full texture and good visual effects;

8) Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, simple production process;

9) Quantitative packaging, easy to use; add water on site.

(2) Range of application

Colored cement dry powder coatings are suitable for residential buildings, commercial buildings, and industrial plants and are ideal for color decoration of interior and exterior walls with base materials such as gypsum boards, GRC boards, and light concrete surfaces.

(3) Construction technology

1) Base surface

The base surface must be smooth, solid, and without oil stains.

2) Airbrush construction

Due to the airbrush construction, various pipes and window frames must be covered to avoid contamination.

3) Stir

Pour about 30% of water into a clean container, slowly pour in the dry powder, stir with an electric mixer to form a slurry, let it stand for 5 minutes, and then continue stirring to create a uniform slurry without any agglomeration. Adjust the amount of water appropriately according to the temperature.

4) Construction method

Pour the slurry into the hopper of the spray gun; try spraying on a waste board first, adjust the airflow and the uniformity of the material, and then spray evenly from left to right, covering the entire wall; no missing spray is allowed, and no repetition in a specific place to avoid local color difference. After the first coat is dry, apply the second time. If there is still chromatic aberration or bottom leakage, it should be sprayed a third time. The amount of material used is about 1~1.5m2/kg. After it is scorched, it can cover with acrylic finish paint.